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Five Favourite Blogs

Having shone a light on this site’s resources in my last entry, today I’m turning the spotlight outwards and sharing my five favourite filmmaking blogs (in no particular order).

  1. Chris Jones is the author of The Guerilla Filmmakers’ Movie Blueprint, the director of The London Screenwriters’ Festival and has made three indie features and a great short film called Gone Fishing. His blogs focus mainly on writing and distribution, those book-ends of the filmmaking process so often glossed over in favour of the fun bits in the middle. Most new developments in the indie filmmaking scene I find out first from Chris’s blog, and he’s always looking ahead to new models of distribution and giving advice on essential peripheral activities like developing a social media presence.
  2. Danny Lacey is relatively new to filmmaking, but he dived in head-first and will soon be premiering not one but three short films. He’s committed to documenting his “Filmmaker’s Journey” through his written and video blogs, many of which are very useful tutorials. Only the other week he published a video bordering on the revolutionary, explaining how to make your own Digital Cinema Package for free.
  3. The Underwater Realm is a weekly video blog following the making of a quintet of short films. Not interested yet? Did I mention that these films are all set largely underwater? And that they raised $100,000 through crowd-funding? And that a couple of weeks ago they filmed a scene on a Spanish Galleon set built on a homemade gimbal? And that they’re premiering at Raindance next month?
  4. Hurlblog is the internet home of Shane Hurlbut ASC, the DP behind Terminator: Salvation and Act of Valor [sic]. If you’re at all interested in the art and technique of cinematography, you should be reading this blog. After all, where else are you going to find a Hollywood DP breaking down his lighting set-ups? Of all the bloggers on this list, Shane should be most applauded for finding the time to share his knowledge, which is extensive to say the least. My Stop/Eject lighting breakdowns¬†were very much inspired by Shane’s.
  5. They Never Went to the Moon gives a unique and fascinating perspective on the making of Duncan Jones’ fabulous indie sci-fi thriller, Moon, through the eyes of Duncan’s concept designer and righthand man, Gavin Rothery. Gavin was involved in all stages of the project – creating artwork and previz, working on the set build around the clock, doubling for Sam Rockwell and producing rough VFX shots and grades. Although this blog is no longer running, a browse through the archives will reward you with numerous amusing anecdotes and you’ll come away with an even greater respect for what the men behind Moon accomplished.

And I may be biased, but I must give a special mention to Stop/Eject producer Sophie Black’s blog, not least because today’s entry is all about me.

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  1. Sophie Black says:

    Well, I may not be in your top five but thanks for the shout-out all the same! Glad you liked the blog post. It was great to publicly announce your involvement in Ashes, finally!

  2. […] lighting the fantasy scenes I drew inspiration from techniques covered in some of the blogs I listed in my top five last week. Sophie’s vision for one fantasy scene was of the lead character, played by Sarah Lamesch, on […]

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