Soul Searcher: July 19th 2004

I’m looking for two or three more songs to use as source music in the film, and if there are any unsigned bands out there who would be interested in a bit of exposure, please get in touch. Specifically, I’m looking for two confident/aggressive rock tracks and one slow, acoustic song.

Royal Mail finally deigned to deliver the order for the miniature Mustang (third time lucky – if only the post office was as efficient as the weather service). I’m relieved that that particular absurd situation is over. I didn’t realise quite how absurd it was until I rang up my bank to cancel the first cheque. Mustangs, I should point out, are of that breed known as “muscle” cars due to their power. The nice HSBC lady asked me who the cheque was made out to and I duly gave her the name of the company: American Muscle Models.

It’s funny because it’s true.

Soul Searcher: July 19th 2004

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