Perplexed Music

Genre Drama (short)
Director Mark McGann
Production co. Drama Direct & Compos Mentis Productions
Cast Paul McGann, Emma Cambell-Jones
Awards 33 including:
Best Cinematography (Short) – Enginious Film Awards, 2017 Q3
Best Lighting (Short) – Enginious Film Awards, 2017 Q3
Best Short Film – LA Shorts Awards 2018
Best Short – Newcastle International Film Festival 2018
Release Amazon Prime, YouTube
Tech specs 1.85:1, Arri Alexa Classic, Arri/Zeiss Ultra Primes, DJI Inspire 2

A man sits alone in a cafe, locked in a dark world of loss and profound loneliness. The first tentative kiss of two young lovers suddenly seizes his attention and he is fixated. Perplexed Music is the story of a man battling for mental stability in a terrifying new world who is taken to the very edge of his own mortality in the search for a reason to continue.