The Stranger

Working titles Sanctuary, Karli
Genre Horror (feature)
Directors Mike Clarke & Paul Gerrard
Production co. Altered Stranger Pictures
Cast Jennifer K. Preston, Isabella Percival, Damien Ashley
Awards Grimmfest Work in Progress Award 2019
Release Amazon Prime US, 2022
Tech specs 2.39:1, Blackmagic Ursa, Xeen primes

Following the brutal murder of her husband, Amanda and her daughter Karli move away to start a new life in a secluded B&B. Their peaceful new life is soon interrupted by the arrival of Kyle. Kyle states he is desperate for a room for one night, but he soon overstays his welcome when he informs them that he believes that he is being hunted by a group of supernatural killers. Is he telling the truth or is it all an elaborate scam?