Publicity Bonanza

Like three buses coming at once, this week has been a manic one for Stop/Eject publicity.

On Monday afternoon I was interviewed and photographed for the The Hereford Times. (I’m not sure when this will be published. Probably not this week.)

A few hours later and 100 miles away, Sophie was interviewed by BBC East Midlands Today. The report was broadcast that same evening (just after a piece about The Dark Knight Rises filming in Nottingham), featuring huge swathes of the trailer, the web address on screen for ages and of course Sophie brilliantly talking the whole thing up. If you missed it, a friend filmed it off his TV screen…

On Tuesday, the Herefordshire Media Network held their regular meeting, at which they kindly allowed me to screen the trailer and pitch video for Stop/Eject and to say a few words about my experiences of crowd-funding. It went down very well, with many people saying complimentary things afterwards.

After the meeting I arrived home to find my inbox stuffed with YouTube notifications of new subscribers to my channel. I soon realised this was due to Indy Mogul – a fantastic YT channel for low budget filmmakers – featuring one of the Stop/Eject podcasts (Katie’s tutorial on how to make a lighting sandbag) on their weekly Moguler Made playlist.

Huge thanks to Indy Mogul for this exposure, which has almost doubled my number of subscribers. If any IM viewers have found their way to this blog – welcome! I hope you enjoy the heady mix of filmmaking trials and tribulations, breakdowns, evaluations, “how to”s and occasional self-indulgent rants.

As a result of all this exposure, the post-production fundraising total now stands at £430. That means the £400 public reward has been released: a podcast about the first day of shooting.

Very shortly we’ll be announcing the title of the £500 public reward – our first mystery reward.

We’ve also topped 100 likes on Stop/Eject’s Facebook page, as a result of which we’ll be launching something special in the next few days…

Publicity Bonanza