Soul Searcher: August 20th 2003

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Well, what a bulging post bag we’ve had this week. (Note to those of you already giggling in a puerile fashion: you will find no cheap “bulging sack” jokes here.) Amongst the many CVs received so far, special mention must go to the gentleman who listed Jedi Mind Tricks amongst his Special Skills. “You do not need to see my headshot.”

However, this week’s star letter, winning nothing but the pride born of a mention on this illustrious website, is from Al from Durham (and also Hereford, presumably):


Them pan pipe toting dudes in high town wear ponchos and if you want to see what a dick people look in them pop in a record shop (if your out of Hereford) and take a look at the cover of Motorhead’s eponymous album. Hope Jimbob gets cured good and quick.

The Poncho police.

Roundin’ ’em up an’ burnin’ ’em like rock’n roll records. Devils work!


Soul Searcher replies: We’re going with the poncho, so there,

Soul Searcher: August 20th 2003