Soul Searcher: December 9th 2003

I just bought Flight of the Navigator on DVD. How good is that? “David Freeman is eight years late for dinner and his family want to know why. But David’s got an absolutely fantastic excuse…”

I sent my camera off for repair AGAIN, this time to Canon UK’s headquarters in Elstree. Presumably there to be looked at by Finnesbury Park, their chief scientist. Let’s hope they can ACTUALLY FIX IT this time, rather than just keeping it for a few weeks and then sending it back unchanged. Worringly, whatever’s screwing my poor XL1-S over seems to be contagious, since my deck is now complaining of head clogs. I’m duplicating the rushes as we speak, just in case it turns out to be some sinister nano-virus intent on destroying Soul Searcher forever.

My bank statements are becoming interesting reading. We still haven’t been invoiced for any of the locations we used, so it’ll be fun when those come through.

Oh dear. I’ve just noticed that on the Navigator cover art one of the aliens appears to be… well, if you’ve got a copy of it, check out the kid’s facial expression and you’ll get the picture.

Watching the rushes from the first weeks of production is like stepping into some weird parallel dimension. All that stuff in High Town, and with the Companions of the Crew (sic) seems like years ago.

Anyway, I finished capturing the footage late Sunday night and started editing. Last night I edited until 6am, reaching scene 25. I also cut most of the teaser.

Soul Searcher: December 9th 2003