Soul Searcher: February 22nd 2004

It’s 3:15am and a little over two hours ago we wrapped principle photography on Soul Searcher.

A lot of shit went down this weekend, but I don’t feel like writing about it. Instead, some amusing anecdotes.

I am the Human Towbar. At 6am yesterday, Colin, Vicky, Simon Ball and I didn’t feel like pushing the generator all the way back to TRP. Vicky’s car doesn’t have a towbar, so we folded the back seats down and I laid on my front, feet hooked over the folded seats, arms sticking out the back, grasping the Jenny’s towing hook. This was all well and good until the road started to go slightly uphill. My entire body stretched several inches and I had to let the damn thing go or I was going to be scraping along the tarmac. I yelled to Vicky to stop. She slammed on the brakes and Jenny and I were quickly reacquainted. I almost broke my arm trying to stop it smashing into the back of her car. After that we decided to push it the rest of the way.

A couple of nights ago I had a dream in which Lara turned out to be a murderer. Go figure.

Jonathon Hayes brought his excellent demon armour over last night, but sadly I didn’t get to meet him because he got lost on his way to location. (The cause: AJ’s directions.)

Anyway, despite all the silly, silly things that happened, the battle scene got shot, the plot now makes sense and the movie is essentially in the can. The end of an era. How strange.

Soul Searcher: February 22nd 2004