Soul Searcher: February 28th 2004

You didn’t come, you gits. No, we had to send the Fellowship of King Monkey out into the streets of Worcesterland to drag extras in. We got about twenty in the end, which is less than half the number I wanted.

Matt, the lead singer of da Monkey, who was looking somewhat like Elvis for reasons best known to himself, said he was stressed. “You want to try making a film, mate,” I told him. Shell (fiancee of Mike (brother of Matt (resembler of Elvis))) became the 1st AD by virtue of her big gob. All the better for shouting at random fifteen-year-olds.

So we dragged in some kids from the streets, told them to look like they were having a good time, slapped on the CD and burnt some tapestock. Aside from just dancing to the band, the extras had to perform vital parts of the scene’s action. Enter Sam (feminine) – our crowd surfing, demon victim – and Josh – our moshing demon victim. Actually they had a better mosh pit going than at most real gigs.

AJ was present for filming of certain pick-ups, and his other half very kindly came along to do make-up, though it was left to AJ himself to make up the demon arms.

Now here’s the thing. Given the lack of extras and the fact that the nightclub scene has been shot in three entirely different clubs, it shouldn’t work. At all. But not only does it work, (a) it looks like there are loads of extras and (b) it’s a really good scene. What are the chances of that happening, eh?

Thanks to the band and everyone who appeared in the scene.

Soul Searcher: February 28th 2004