Soul Searcher: January 12th 2005

You know those things that you say, “I’ll sort that out later.” Later is now and that’s why I’ve been attending to several special effects shots and one or two other things that needed improving. I’ve shaved another thirty seconds off the film, bringing it down to 94 minutes plus credits.

I’m expecting Andrew Fidelis’ cell animated smoke for the train in the next few days. So far, thanks to problems with his internet connection, I’ve seen nothing of his work except some concept sketches, but he assures me that the animation is nearly complete with only the colouring then left to do.

Simon Wyndham has completed his sound design for the martial arts sequences, allowing me to start premixing. At present I’m pitch-shifting and EQing the foley to make Joe, Luca and Dante’s footsteps more powerful.

The choir Colla Voce have had their first rehearsal of Scott’s now complete score, which apparently includes nonsensical latin chanting, which I can’t wait to hear.

Finally I’ve been trying to arrange the premiere [readers around the country gasp and choke]. As recommended in The Guerilla Filmmakers’ Movie Blueprint (page 125), I first contacted BAFTA, which is described in the GFMB as “relatively cheap”. I was a tad surprised therefore when I was quoted a staggering UKP4,000 + VAT to hold the premiere there. And that’s with a filmmaker’s discount.

Soul Searcher: January 12th 2005