Soul Searcher: January 29th 2004

Ed’s inability to answer his voicemail messages, texts and e-mails with any regularity finally became too much this week and I was left with no option but to demote him to co-producer. I’ll be producing the rest of the film myself. It’s a shame this had to happen, but we have been given an absolute final deadline of Feb 22nd to have all Lara’s scenes shot, and we can’t afford to waste three days of prep time for a weekend’s shooting just because I can’t get hold of the producer.

So today I’ve been sorting things out for this weekend, which should be fairly straight forward (fatal last words), and best of all is entirely indoors. We’ve only got three hours in the Crystal Rooms, but that should be enough to get the remaining wide shots done. I also cut last weekend’s stuff, which is all really good.

The demon armour is still giving me massive problems. A promising lead recently fell through and options are running thin. Perhaps I ought to get Armour Mark One, a.k.a.The Pretzels of Doom, sent back…

On a positive note (this is a god-awful pun, as you will now see…), I’m pleased to announce Loughborough-based composer-conductor Scott Benzie as Soul Searcher‘s scorer. Crew page coming soon.

I had a phone call out of the blue from Andy Dawson, who runs the council’s Creative Industries Fund, telling me I might be eligible for some upcoming grant money. He’s coming over next week to look at some bits of the film and talk through an application for publicity funding.

Soul Searcher: January 29th 2004