Soul Searcher: June 23rd 2002

An evening of hilarity after a rollercoaster couple of days. The film continues to crystallize in my head. Where before I could only see the dialogue scenes, I now have strong images of fight sequences and action set pieces. I’ve sent Simon Wyndham, the fight arranger, some notes on the emotions and styles of each fight, and am itching to begin storyboarding.

Tonight James came round so we could write a press release for the casting call. After much comic double-acting, we got this done and turned our attention to going through the script scene by scene and noting down how many days each would take to shoot. Then I totted them all up. 84.


James proceeded to list big Hollywood movies which were shot in less time than that. I went through the list and shaved some days off. I totted it up again. 79.

So we sat back on my dodgy brown sofa which always makes you gradually slide off and laughed for a bit. It’s not going to take us 79 days to shoot. Of course it’s not. The Beacon only took 28 days. Allowing for the fact that this script is 20 pages longer, it’s all set at night and the fight scenes are more complex, I reckon it should take us 60 days. Which is what we’ve been saying all along. I got out my diary and we looked at the latter part of the year. We decided to pencil in October 7th very faintly as a start date, with a wrap date of December 20th. That’s 11 weeks; 77 days. 60 days of shooting and 17 days off in between. That’s more like it.

So it’s fine, it’s all good. Except that every now and then I remember that we still need to raise UKP60,000. We reckon we can start shooting if he have UKP20,000. The Beacon screening’s tomorrow; it’ll be interesting to see if any of the funders we mailed will show up and want to support us. Please. This movie’s gonna kick ass. Seriously.

Soul Searcher: June 23rd 2002