Soul Searcher: June 9th 2004

It’s 4:30am and I’m writing a journal entry. It’s just like the old days. What isn’t like the old days is that we’ve all been wearing t-shirts all night.

“This is the most random night I’ve had in a long time,” observed Andrew, one of the runners, “apart from last Hallowe’en.” But we won’t go into that.

Our evening began with a quick bluescreen shot of AJ here chez Jigawatt, then after a pleasant cup of tea we moseyed down to the leisure pool, where we had the singular experience of taking off our shoes and socks in the changing room, rolling up our trousers and proceeding through the shower room carrying lights, cameras and flight cases. AJ was quite nervous by this time. We had a little trouble acquiring a lifeguard, but by the time we had set up the lights and were ready to roll, three had come along to watch the fun. You will be pleased to know that AJ was not killed upon leaping from the board into the watery depths below. In fact he rather enjoyed it and wanted to do it again.

We came back here, had another pleasant cup of tea, then moved outside to shoot a Pepsi can flying through the air and a scythe going into a scabbard. Not particularly taxing stuff.

Most of the crew then adjourned to Manhattan’s for a couple of hours, before reconvening for a third pleasant cup of tea and starting to move the gear round the corner to High Town. You will have gathered by the narrative thusfar described that the night’s work was of a somewhat laid-back character. At 3am (still t-shirt temperature) we were reunited with Phil the Street Sweeper Driver an astonishing eight months after we first employed his services, to shoot the crane shot. This didn’t work out quite as well as I’d hoped, but nevertheless it will help the production value of the opening.

The final shot of the evening involved AJ flinging Ezekiel’s scythe as far as he could. It had been a deliberate decision on my part to leave this shot until the very end of the shoot, and as expected it did not fare well. With every take another piece fell off.

A few quick sweeper sound effects and we were done. All in all, a night of Soul Searcher shooting completely unlike every other night in almost every conceivable way.

Soul Searcher: June 9th 2004