Soul Searcher: May 14th 2004

It’s well past midnight and I’ve just called it a night on the edit, having managed to trim five minutes off the movie. I aim to lose another five before the weekend’s out. Yes, one inevitable finding of the test screening was that it’s too slow.

Here are some other choice statistics…

Favourite scenes: opening sequence in High Town (I was very pleased to see everyone jumping out of their skins when the Shifter popped up at the street sweeper window), and the climactic sequence with the vehicle that cannot be mentioned (even though it’s still in Legomation).

Least favourite scenes: the Doodies ones (snip snip).

Favourite character: Joe (mostly voted for by the ladies; Chris and AJ got all jealous).

Least favourite character: Luca (that took me by surprise; wish I’d asked them to say why).

And in the “tick any words/phrases you think describe this film” bit, the top four were “cheesy” (63%), “entertaining” (58%), “good storyline” (42%) and “humorous” (42%). To my surprise, a fair number of people also ticked the “too much action” box.

Oh, and it’s official: no-one gives a rat’s ass about the concert scene being shot in three different nightclubs.

Soul Searcher: May 14th 2004