Soul Searcher: November 11th 2003

We lost yet ANOTHER day’s shooting on Sunday, this time due to our sound recordist dropping out at the last moment. We can pick it up before the end of the month, but it’s going to result in an insanely intense few days in the middle of a fortnight without a day off. But it’s got to be done.

The one blessing of all these dropped days is the time it’s given me to edit. Having seen it start to come together I feel so much better about the whole thing. By the way, for those of you eagerly awaiting a trailer I actually got round to starting on it yesterday, but it may be a while before it’s finished. Plus it has the music from Speed on it at the moment, so it probably won’t make it on to this site for copyright reasons.

Last night we shot another demon fight at the Leftbank Village. It was quite a laid back evening – it was never a scene that was going to take a whole night to shoot, so we scheduled in a reshoot of one of the scene’s in Joe’s flat for afterwards. The fight, however, came to an abrupt end a few shots in when martial artist/stuntman Shane Styens, in his first day on the shoot, gouged a chunk out of his arm after falling backwards onto some concrete steps. We were appalled to find that neither Hereford nor Worcester’s A&E departments were open (what the fuck?) so he had to wait until this morning to see a doctor. I guess he’ll need it stiched up. Poor guy – he was so enthusiastic as well.

We grabbed a quick shot with Ray to close the scene (which we won’t be coming back to finish off) and moved on to my flat, which was scaling new heights of skankpitness. All the furniture had been piled into the bedroom so we could film in the living room. The scene was quick and easy to shoot (we wrapped nearly three hours ahead of schedule) and looked infinitely better than the version we shot a week ago when we were all completely knackered.

The last batch of props also turned up last night. Whilst some of them, notably Luca’s rifle, were fantastic, others had to be quickly handed over to production designer Ian Tomlinson for some modification/rebuilding ahead of their onscreen debuts this Thursday.

Right, gotta go – call time’s a-coming.

Soul Searcher: November 11th 2003