Soul Searcher: November 6th 2003

Last night we shot the training sequence at Westons Cider. I had Eye of the Tiger in my head all night. We were filming amongst a big cluster of vats which looked very cool. Chris Jones came down with friends Tom and Andy who doubled for Ray doing some crazy shit. We wrapped a little late but it all went really well.

There was an amusing incident the other night when I dreamt I was filming in my flat and started talking in my sleep.

Me: Where’s Colin?

Edd (waking up): What?

Me (not waking up): Where’s the crew?

Edd: They’re probably at home in bed.

Me: But Ray’s here, right?

Edd: No.

Me (finally waking up): Shit, I dreamt all that?

We’ve got a couple of days off now since there’s nothing we can shoot with the available cast and crew. I’m going to spend the time editing (although sleeping has been more of a priority thusfar).

The scheduling problems mean we’ve had to take a major sequence out and hold it back until January. This at least means that the rest of this month will stay pretty much as planned.

Soul Searcher: November 6th 2003