Soul Searcher: October 28th 2003

Last night was the best night of the shoot so far. I’d been really worried about it because it involved shooting a foot chase necessitating three total relights in different sections of our location, Westons Cider brewery, followed by a sequence on the walkways above some vats featuring a creature that would be entirely generated in post-production. The crew however were totally on form and allowed us to shoot the chase very swiftly. The brewery looked fantastic on camera and it was quite fun getting Ray and AJ to run about and jump over stuff.

After lunch Jonny and Ray and I got up on the walkways and started to rehearse the sequence with the non-existent creature. Naturally it was quite confusing but eventually we got it blocked out and were subsequently able to get all the coverage quite quickly.

Right now Edd is putting the finishing touches on my living room’s new paint job in readiness for the scenes in Joe’s flat tonight. We’ve just spent half an hour going round women’s clothing stores, looking extremely dodgy, looking for a white sweater to complete Heather’s costume. We also tried to find a copy of the South Park movie soundtrack but failed so now we’re watching the film again.

October 29th 2003

It’s 3:20am. We shot the sequence in Joe’s bedroom, which took longer than I would have liked due to much fiddling about to try and get some contrast into the lighting. Ray and Kat, the latter in her first scene of the shoot, gave great performances and Ian once again made an excellent job of the set dressing.

Ray’s ability to find a Back to the Future quote for every occasion continues to astound. As I tightened the nut securing my tripod head to the jib, he came out with: “Five eighths? Don’t you mean three quarters?”

In total contrast to the rest of the shoot so far, we had to contend with sweaty temperatures as the lamps heated up my tiny flat into which we were all squashed. Unfortunately, due to the persistent rain we were unable to film the exterior scenes, which will now have to be picked up later in the schedule. Meanwhile we’ve set up the High Town scenes we dropped last week for this Thursday.

Soul Searcher: October 28th 2003