Soul Searcher: October 3rd 2003

I met up with Max Van De Banks, Karen Nielsen and Nikki I-don’t-know-her-last-name to discuss make-up on Tuesday. The main thing to come out of the meeting was: bald caps = bad. Our design for the demons involves them being bald, and since we can hardly expect unpaid actors to shave their heads for a role, the plan had been to use bald caps. The problem is they’re expensive, not reusable and prone to ripping. Max suggested a balaclave-style full face mask. I can’t help picturing it as a rubber Halloween mask, but Max is going to do a demonstration next week so I can see what it will look like.

We found our train. Just like I pictured, only shorter.

Yesterday I went to London to talk to some students at South Bank University’s Special Effects department about the movie and see if any of them fancied working on the miniature FX. Several of them do. I also met with Matt Baker, who originally got in touch about making the props. I’d noticed such credits as “Modelmaker, Hogwarts Castle – Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone” on his CV and wanted to talk to him also about FX. He too was interested.

Other than that, it’s been the usual location phone call kind of stuff. I saw James today for the first time in three weeks. He’s finally emerged from his book bubble.

We’re still looking for a nightclub location. And sound recordists. Any sound recordists out there?

Soul Searcher: October 3rd 2003