Soul Searcher: September 20th 2005

This journal’s getting like Return of the King. Will it ever end? My arse is getting sore.

As the lack of updates suggests, little has happened lately with Soul Searcher. In the US, Aimee is still waiting to hear from some of the big companies before she moves down to the next tier. I have no doubt it will eventually sell over there but it’s going to take a long time. Over here however, the number of distributors yet to pass on the movie is dwindling. “It’s not the film,” one distributor said. “It’s the marketplace. It’s over-saturated.” Things are similarly discouraging on the festival front. Soul Searcher hasn’t been selected for any of the festivals I entered in the spring, not even the genre ones like Fright Fest.

Other than recording commentaries, work on the DVD has not progressed for quite a while due to my computer’s lameness. I plan to get a new one very soon and start editing the documentary again – from scratch, unfortunately, due to a hard drive failure. The Curse is not dead.

Jim Groom’s film Room 36 opened at the Odeon on Panton Street at the weekend. A hilarious black comedy with another great Scott Benzie score – I thoroughly recommend it. Jim was talking about self-releasing it theatrically when I saw him in Cannes but now he’s actually done it. The Curse of Soul Searcher seems mild compared with the hell he went through. It’s taken him eleven years to complete the film. Here’s hoping it continues to do well at the box office.

The journal for Shadowland has been running for a couple of weeks now, but the time is not yet right for it to be unleashed on the world. Stay tuned.

Soul Searcher: September 20th 2005