Directing my 35mm pilot for The Dark Side of the Earth
Directing my 35mm pilot for The Dark Side of the Earth (photo: Richard Unger)

Greetings, people of the Interweb, and welcome to NeilOseman.com, the new virtual home of my filmmaking adventures.

I’ve been blogging about the films I make for many years, but up till now these blogs have always been on websites set up specifically for each film. The purpose of this site is to bring all my blogs together, past and present, along with lots of other stuff.

So, you’ll see down below that I’ve already imported the blog from The Beacon, a terrible 75 minute action movie I made in 2001. Over the next few weeks I’ll be integrating the journals from Soul Searcher and The Dark Side of the Earth.

Also coming soon to the site:

  • A page for each of my films, from the short version of Soul Searcher (2000) to The Picnic (2011)
  • Micro-shorts Calf Vader and George & Mark available to view in full
  • Behind-the-scenes featurettes from The Beacon, previously only available on the DVD
  • Info on my latest short Stop/Eject (a Light Films production)
  • Scripts, schedules, budgets and other useful downloads from my shorts and features

In the mean time, things may move about and perhaps I’ll play with different layouts and colour schemes, so please excuse me as I settle in.