Soul Searcher: August 31st 2004

This time last year we were scheduling auditions. Has it really been a year? Er, yes, it has. Unless I really did get that DeLorean up to 88mph just now.

The car in question, one eighteenth the size of that favoured by E. L. Brown, is sitting on a rucked-up towel (that’s “rucked” with an “R”) with some invisible thread trailing from its miniature bumper. Not a failed time travel experiment by Warwick Davis, nor an excuse to play with toys (well….), it’s actually a genuine investigation into what a 1/18 scale vehicle looks like on video, particularly as it travels over an uneven surface. It looks pretty good, I can report, though the smoother the surface on the day, the better.

I have a new CG artist for the umbilical cords, Mr. David Markwick. Fifth time lucky, I hope.

I started work on the foley over the weekend, which is perhaps the zenith of filmmaking tedium.

And tomorrow I get to hear the first draft of the score.

Soul Searcher: August 31st 2004