Soul Searcher: September 2nd 2004

Busy, busy, busy. Various different things going on today. I spent most of the day on the phone and the internet. (Mmm, nice phone bill to look forward to.)

David Markwick was working on the look of the umbilical cords, so every couple of hours he would put a new test shot up on his webspace for me to check out, then I’d call him with feedback. At close of play today it was looking somewhat Abyss-like.

Alongside this, I was trying to sort out the 16mm gear for the explosions shoot. Arri Media have very kindly done me an excellent deal on a highspeed SR2 and lenses. Getting the gear (West London), the DoP (North-East London) and the vats miniature (Dartford) to Gloucestershire for the shoot is another issue entirely.

I talked to Jackie Regan and sorted out a larger scale for the vats. (Toby blew up one of the original small-scale vats and it didn’t look too hot.) Hollie Swain is still at work on the buildings and other background scenery for the train shots.

In between all this, I listened to the first version of Scott’s score, which arrived in the post this morning. Well. I don’t know what to say. Even though it’s in a very, very rough form at the moment, I sat through it alternatively giggling with delight and wiping away the tears it had brought to my eyes. For some reason, Luca’s theme had me in stitches, probably because I know Lara.

Also, yesterday I got some full res clips of the Moat Creatures from James Parkes, and for the first time was able to get a true sense of how that key shot of the train crossing the bridge is going to look. Nnnnnnnice.

Soul Searcher: September 2nd 2004