Soul Searcher: February 7th 2004

“Right then, who’s playing Highlander?”

“That would be us, officer.”

“Ah, right. Johnson, cancel the armed response unit.”

“Right you are, sir.”

Soul Searcher: just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous…

So, if you were walking past a multistorey car park late on a Friday night and you saw two people clashing swords, one covered in make-up and looking like an extra from Lord of the Rings, and both accompanied by a cameraman and several other crew, would you (a) think “oh that’s nice, they’re making a film in there”, or (b) think you were witnessing a real sword fight and call 999?

Somebody evidently picked (b). The rest I know only because Simon has a contact in the police force. Apparently when the phone call was received, an immediate request was put out for a large number of cars with dog units and an armed response team. Somewhere along the line a little common sense prevailed, because a single patrol car arrived at the car park first, at which point the above conversation ensued. Simon’s contact reckons I might get billed for the armed response team and possibly charged with wasting police time. Presumably the moron who phoned the police in the first place gets away scott free.

One of Edd’s tasks during October and November was to notify the police every day when we were in public places. Now he’s around, it just got forgotten.

Anyway, Bekka did a great job with the new demon make-up, making the whole scene look a million times better than the November version. Cheers to Dean Williams for enduring the rigours of make-up again, and to Lucy, Annika and Sarah for once again standing around in a freezing car park in skimpy clubbing attire.

Soul Searcher: February 7th 2004