Soul Searcher: February 8th 2004

We finally shot the platform scene last night, at Hereford Station. It was pretty good timing as far as we were concerned, since due to a bridge in Worcester being closed there are practically no trains running at the moment. We were able to find a totally deserted platform and shoot there to our hearts’ content. Except for when a train pulled in and sat there for an hour (we shot close-ups then).

Both me and Ray came close to falling onto the rails, Ray as he skidded dramatically round a corner and fell on his arse (looks good though – could be the take I use), and me as Jason and John over-zealously wheeled me along on a luggage trolley and didn’t pay that much attention to which way they were going.

The wind was strong and evil, which added immeasurably to the look of the scene, although I had big troubles pulling focus with tears streaming down my face. The chill of the wind was pissing me off before long, however, and I decided to simplify the scene a great deal. As a result we wrapped an unprecendented FOUR HOURS EARLY.

This morning I set up a duvet tent in my living room and the actors took in turns to clamber in and deliver bits and pieces of ADR. Everybody had fun with dodgy-sounding fight grunts. Then I got some quick interviews with everybody for the Borderlines Festival doc.

So just one full weekend left to shoot, plus two half-days of pick-ups with the likes of King Monkey and Shane’s stunt jump. Hallelujah.

Soul Searcher: February 8th 2004