Soul Searcher: January 26th 2006

The DVD still isn’t quite finished, though it’s frustratingly close. On Tuesday morning, having largely recovered from the exhausting weekend, I sat down in front of my brand new Sony home cinema system and watched the movie. It kicked ass.

As the credits rolled, my flatmate JP stuck his head round the door. “Dude, what are you watching?” he asked.

“Soul Searcher,” I replied.

“Dude – that is sick!” he enthused, “sick” being a modern slang term to describe something of particular merit, as I understand. He continued, “I’ve been sitting next door thinking, ‘Whatever that movie is Neil’s watching, it sounds amazing.'”

It wasn’t quite perfect, however, the main problem being that the really BIG moments – namely the explosions – were no louder than anything else. I made some notes, then on Wednesday visited my friend Rob in Ealing and Lara Greenway to hear what some of it sounded like on their systems. The results were the same, so I went on to Neil’s to sort it out.

Neil did the Picard Manoeuvre: he energized the explosion waveforms. Warp factor 500%. Very, very loud.

I slept in the studio again, running off the finished files one by one until seven in the morning. An hour later I got up, came home and tried to incorporate the mix into the DVD, only to discover part of it was a 240th of a second out of sync. Man, I really hope I finish this tomorrow.

Soul Searcher: January 26th 2006