Soul Searcher: October 22nd 2003

It threatened to rain as the call time neared last night. Then it did rain. But I had absolute faith that it would stop before we started setting up. And it did.

It was our first sequence with the martial arts team, choreographer Simon Wyndham and assistant choreographer Chris Jones, plus young martial artist Andy Shinn, who looked pretty damn scary in his demonic Shifter make-up courtesy of Max Van De Banks. The first half of the night was dedicated to shooting the fight between the Shifter and one of the leads, doubled by Chris.

After “lunch” we moved on to the short chase between the characters and our friendly neighbourhood street sweeper machine. Phil, the vehicle’s driver, got quite into it and drove along at a fair old lick. We wrapped shorly after 4am.

Today has been manic. David Dukes dutifully dispatched Joe’s armour and scythe, required for tonight’s shooting, by next day delivery yesterday. There’s a postal strike. Edd m,ade phone calls. At 3:45pm the package was still in Boston. We rang a courier. Special trip. Should be here by eight. UKP120. The post office will pay for this. Oh yes, they will pay.

And it’s raining. Hey ho.

Soul Searcher: October 22nd 2003