Stop/Eject DVD and Blu-ray Features

I can at last reveal the full list of bonus features that will grace the DVD and Blu-ray editions of Stop/Eject. Please note these discs are for sponsors, cast and crew only. It is likely to be 18 months or so before the film is available to the general public, other than at festivals.

DVD Special Features menu
DVD Special Features menu

DVD edition

  • The film with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound (17 mins)
  • Cast commentary with Georgina Sherrington (Kate), Oliver Park (Dan) and Therese Collins (Alice)
  • Filmmakers commentary with producer Sophie Black and the director, Yours Truly
  • Record & Play: The Making of Stop/Eject – brand new behind-the-scenes documentary featuring interviews with all the cast and crew (30 mins)
  • Crowd-funding Stop/Eject – Sophie and I relate the ups and downs of financing the film, the many ways we promoted the campaign and the lessons we learnt from it all. (10 mins)
  • Filming in Belper – visual essay by Sophie about Stop/Eject’s north Derbyshire locations, featuring clips from other independent productions shot in the town and interviews with Stop/Eject’s cast (5 mins)
  • Superior Sound Reproduction – a unique look at the little-understood area of postproduction sound, from Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR) through sound effects and music to the final mix, featuring interviews with re-recording mixer Jose Pereira, sound designer Henning Knoepfel, composer Scott Benzie, Georgina Sherrington and Oliver Park (10 mins)
  • Deleted scenes (5 mins)
  • Visual effects breakdown – revealing the layers of work that went into Stop/Eject’s visual effects shots (3 mins)
  • Photo gallery
Blu-ray Special Features menu page 2
Blu-ray Special Features menu page 2

Blu-ray edition

  • All of the DVD features except for the deleted scenes
  • Extended rough cut with optional director’s commentary – an early edit of the film containing dialogue, moments and entire scenes excised from the final version (22 mins)
  • Memoirs of the Worst Witch – exclusive interview with Georgina Sherrington, looking back on her time playing Mildred Hubble in the popular ITV series (20 mins)
  • Bonus film: The Picnic – starring Therese Collins. When a gentleman arrives for a romantic picnic with his girlfriend, he is enraged to find her in the arms of another man. (2 mins)
  • Bonus film: Ghost-trainspotting –  Norman sets out to spot the fabled Flying Welshman, the spectre of an ill-fated steam train. (2 mins)
  • All content in full HD (1080P)
Stop/Eject DVD and Blu-ray Features